Explore the Bluetooth® Enabled Solution for Clinical Trials Distribution

The TempTale® Ultra BLE monitor is the next big thing in Sensitech’s TempTale Ultra family. The accessibility, flexibility, and peace of mind that comes with this innovative temperature monitoring device will bring renewed patient confidence and improved temperature compliance. 

The touchless temperature checks of in-transit clinical trial kits will empower patients, stakeholders, and CROs alike to verify the efficacy and safety of every single shipment from point of origin to the patient’s front door.

The Bluetooth-empowered solution gives stakeholders the power to…

  • Take control over in-transit temperatures 
  • Streamline data retrieval processes 
  • Access data wherever, whenever, however, you like
  • Analyze product temperatures - without unpacking

Learn how to modernize your clinical trial distribution with Bluetooth technology within our solution brief. 

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