A Proactive Real-Time Monitoring System that Works

Our IoT solutions give you the power to catch unforeseen logistic issues before they occur, so your in-transit shipments - and your reputation - don’t suffer the consequences of delays, changes, or poor communication. 

Our technology encompasses the big picture, as well as the minor details that could make a big impact and negatively affect your relationship with customers. SensiWatch Vision can improve: 

  • On-time deliveries
  • Carrier and 3PL performance
  • Continued supply chain optimization 




SensiWatch Vison combines real-time tracking technology and post-shipment tools to improve on-time performance, reduce costs and communicate more effectively with customers and partners. 


But why is our solution the one that will make a difference? 

SensiWatch Vision services are easy to implement into your existing systems and technology, so you don’t have to wait for the two to integrate. We utilize a secure web-based tracking application, so you can trust the alerts and status updates you receive at any given time. The alerts range from delays to extended stops to late arrivals, so you know exactly where your shipment is, and how it will impact your on-time delivery. 

Not only does the technology give you real-time reporting, it will deliver a comprehensive summary and report of the overall supply chain performance, and how it can be optimized in the future. The data collected provides analytics that assess the gaps in your supply chain, and where our technology can help further optimize your in-transit delivery. 

All of these additional support systems through the use of Sensitech technology gives you the chance to eliminate bottlenecks and continue to nurture relationships with customers built on trust and mutual success. When you have access to the full picture of your supply chain - data, obstacles, and opportunities - you can set your supply chain apart from the rest, and have peace of mind from Point A to Point B

Download the data sheet below to learn more about SensiWatch Vision technology and the applications that can give your supply chain the optimization it needs. 


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