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Ship Pharmaceuticals In and Out of Russia - In Compliance & With Confidence

New Russian regulations introduced in 2017 have left some pharmaceutical manufacturers confused and asking for guidance. Within “Rules for Proper Storage and Transportation of Medicines”  lives a wealth of information for safeguarding medicines shipped into and within Russia. The document's goal is similar to EU GDP Guidance - to bring Russia on board with international standards when it comes to pharmaceutical shipments. There is a strong focus on risk management, control, and mitigation. These regulations will bring more cohesive timelines, compliance, and positive results across the pharmaceutical industry. 

Within our white paper, we dive into the guidance document. We outline how to better understand the key pillars of regulations to ship within Russia, and how they differ from other guidance documents. The similarities and differences are important to keep in mind as global shippers need to adjust their processes accordingly. We also share best practices and definitions of good distribution principles. 

Our overall goal is to help you achieve better product integrity and patient safety through proper end-to-end transit when it comes to the handling and storage of medicines. Our customers find that best practices for handling, shipping, and storage lead to continuous process improvement and cost reduction. Download the white paper by submitting the form.

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