A Case Study on a 3PL’s Perspective

Delivering urgent cargo is important to your business and your customers who depend on you to ship on time. Our customer, Cornerstone knows this well and has relied on our technologies to help them deliver their customers’ cargo consistently. 

As a 3PL, Cornerstone faces challenges of unexpected delays and financial consequences that are simply out of their control. Deliveries can be brought to a halt because of striking workers, manufacturing interruptions, or even an inbound hurricane. This ultimately leads to significant revenue losses and a bad reputation with their customers. But there are ways to solve for delays. 

Cornerstone relies on our IoT solutions to support their dependable and speedy reputation. A critical aspect of Cornerstone’s expedited service is the ability to inform their customers precisely when they can expect the delayed cargo shipments—and for that, Cornerstone turns to Sensitech. 

The logistics provider uses Sensitech’s cellular and GPS-based cargo monitoring devices that provide real-time tracking of the cargo, from the point it leaves a port until it’s received at the final destination. Cornerstone VP, John Walters explains: “We can depend on these devices to always work and provide 24/7 tracking of the cargo’s exact location—as well as temperature and light…” so the shipment is always accounted for and customer service is at an all-time high. 

You can find more details about how we work together with Cornerstone with trusted IoT location tracking and condition monitoring programs that give you next-level visibility and add an extra layer to your reliability. 

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