Can you locate your cargo right now?

When your in-transit cargo is traveling from Point A to Point B, there are a wide range of variables that pose threats to your supply chain. Unfortunately, change and disruption have become the standard and it’s resulted in a need to reevaluate our own expectations.  Fortunately, it is now a lot easier to monitor your cargo at all times 

With Sensitech’s sensor-based tracking technology, you can improve on-time performance, reduce costs, and proactively communicate more effectively with customers and partners. 

Our technology allows you to:

  • Gain real-time visibility for every link in the supply chain
  • Monitor shipments in real-time while in transit to avoid costly impacts
  • Address supply chain interruptions to improve on-time delivery
  • And provide proactive status updates to your customers in real-time

Your supply chain’s health should not be a game of trust. There’s too much at stake to allow the various threats to your supply chain take control. Sensitech’s technology will identify trouble spots and provide an extra layer of protection and visibility where it matters most. Our real-time IoT sensors allow you to track your cargo every step of the way. 

Find out how we can help you regain control and confidence in your supply chain.


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About Sensitech

Sensitech® is a world leader in supply chain visibility. Our innovative monitoring solutions and services help to maintain the quality, integrity and security of our customers' valuable products at every step in their journey, all around the world. For over 30 years, leading companies in the food, life sciences, industrial, consumer goods, and other industries have relied on Sensitech to help protect their products—and their bottom lines.