Managing Your Pre-Defined Security Protocols

Electronic Freight Security technology is an integral part of global security programs aimed at maintaining supply chain integrity from one end of the chain to the other. This technology ensures that shippers, carriers, drivers, and distribution teams secure valuable goods using the latest in security best practices.

As cargo criminals become more sophisticated and daring, global manufacturers, logistics companies, and supply chain stakeholders continually look for ways to securely protect their supply chains and cargo. For many, EFS programs are the answer.

Why implement a risk-based EFS program?

  • Cargo Theft on the Rise
  • High-Risk Products
  • Dangerous Roots and Hot Spots
  • New Threats Require New Actions
  • Insurance Compliance 
  • High Cost of Stolen Goods
  • Signal Jamming Becoming More Prevalent
  • The High Cost of Stolen Products

Download this white paper and see if an Electronic Freight Security System is right for you. 

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About Sensitech

Sensitech® is a world leader in supply chain visibility. Our innovative monitoring solutions and services help to maintain the quality, integrity and security of our customers' valuable products at every step in their journey, all around the world. For over 30 years, leading companies in the food, life sciences, industrial, consumer goods, and other industries have relied on Sensitech to help protect their products—and their bottom lines.