Continuous Improvement For Global Quality and Compliance

The various hand-offs within the food supply chain creates gaps and opportunities for drops in temperature and loss of product quality. Whether the product is shipped from grower to distribution center or to retail - there is always a chance for a lack of compliance and a break in the cold chain. 

These changes can occur through miss-handling or as a result of changes happening during transit, such as when a driver changes his route to save time, or when there’s an operator error that’s only noticed at the time of delivery. Even when everything goes according to plan, a slight alteration in temperature can affect temperature sensitive products in transit.  

Negative impacts that occur from a broken cold chain can range from food spoilage to other conditions, resulting in conditions such as moisture loss, discoloration, flavor and textural changes, breakage, and more. 


Within our recent white paper, we explain how you can prevent these side effects from happening to your sensitive products. We dive into…

  • Proper cold chain management: What does it look like and how to achieve it
  • The continuous improvement framework: Using data to minimize breaks in the cold chain
  • The Intelligent supply chain in action: Relevant case studies with Sensitech solutions
  • Sensitech’s vision: Overall outlook for global cold chain improvement 

When you have access to the right information, better tools, and a new outlook of data, you might be surprised at how your supply chain makes an improvement for the better. The investment in a continuous improvement plan for your supply chain, could have a larger impact on your optimization and your organization as a whole. Data and revenue gained from an improved cold chain can open doors that will streamline your processes and safeguard your sensitive, in-transit products. 

Download the white paper to gain access to the information you need to get started in optimizing your cold chain, and seeing immediate differences in your bottom line. 


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